5 Ways To Create A Feature Wall You Will Love
May 18, 2022
Written by Allyson Kellar
Accent wall painting

Are You Looking To Create A Feature Wall In Your Home?

Just like an artist with a blank canvas, those empty walls are the gateway to creativity for painters. Another great benefit of paint is its ability to create a big impact on a relatively small budget. From the variety of bold colors, to paint effects or step it up with something different, a feature wall is a lively way to bring character to any room.  A feature wall can draw you in with great contrasting color and help bring existing room features into focus. Perhaps there is a great piece of artwork, a fireplace or a magnificent mantle to highlight in the room. Consider using that part of the room as your feature wall to paint. Whatever room you’re decorating, there are plenty of creative ideas to make your feature wall pop. Let’s look at some of those options that we can offer you at Clean Color Painting.

Some Ways To Create A Feature Wall You Will Love

3D Monochrome Wall

Ready to create some double take moments from your guests? The creativity is endless when you utilize a 3D Monochrome wall in your design. Like a true work of art this type of feature wall will ignite conversations and envy. As simple as designing shapes and patterns or getting a little deeper with unique scenes telling a story through design. Share your vision with us and let us get to work creating a look that literally jumps off the wall.

Tile Wall 

tile wall feature wall

Why not add a little extra drama, in an unexpected way, to that feature wall using tile. No room is off limits with this idea. Create feature walls using tile in your bedroom, bathroom, living room or that grand hallway connecting all the rooms together. Surround that fireplace with a unique tile that spreads warmth throughout the home. Walking through your home we’ll work together to consider where you think tile is the best option for a feature wall


Feature walls are a magical way to transform a look of a room and sometimes wallpaper is the perfect magician. A few sheets up on the wall and presto, personality everywhere! Choosing the right wallpaper really depends on how bold you want to be. Building up the drama in your room by choosing wallpaper with lots of patterns or colors that really draw everyone’s eyes right in. Thinking a little less bold and more subtle, try simple patterns and less color. Also consider the other walls in the room as you may want to bring in some of the color from the wallpaper into the rest of the room. 


wallpaper feature wall

Wood Paneling

wood panel feature wall

Now we’re not talking about that wood paneling you might remember from your grandmother’s basement. When over done it can make a room look too dark and even a feel a bit chaotic. When you let the professionals at Clean Color Painting take over those walls, it can add a very stylish and rich warm texture to a room. Depending on how creative you want to be using wood paneling, your wall could be flat, 3D, or even multi-colored. Wood paneling can bring bold design ideas into both homes and commercial properties.

Paint It A Standout Color

As you can see there are many options for creating a feature wall.  Feature walls offer a unique way to liven up your space and depending on your design choice can be very affordable. Like popping that wall with some standout color! Now that color can be super bold to have that impact but it can also happen by keeping it simple with muted colors that compliment the rest of the room. As you can see with all these options – it’s about complimentary creativity that helps tie a room all together. 

painted feature wall

Let Us Help Create An Eye Catching Feature Wall


Let the professional painters at Clean Color Painting bring those empty canvases to life! We are experts at bringing your rooms to life with the right paint colors and creative ideas to get the exact look you want. We pride ourselves in providing the quality that clients throughout the Kelowna and Vernon region have come to expect from us. If you are interested in creating a feature wall and for all your painting needs, feel free to contact our painting company through our website here or over the phone at (250) 351-6169.


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