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Common Questions

What to expect and how to prepare for when your home is to be painted

Moving Furniture

Move as much of the small furniture out of the space that is to be painted as you can.  This includes coffee tables, side tables, lamps, personal items, knick knacks, etc.
Large furniture can be moved into the middle of the room.  We require a space of about 4 feet between the wall and the furniture that is stored in the centre of the room – this is just enough space for us to manoeuvre a ladder comfortably without causing any damage to your belongings.

Wall Hangings & Pictures

Please carefully remove all decorative wall hangings, pictures and ornaments from all walls that are to be painted.  Our painters will take out any nails, pins, screws or hooks as part of our preparation procedure.  

Blinds, Drapes & Soft Furnishings

Blinds and drapes should be removed from walls & windows and stored in a safe place while the painting is taking place.  Please remove any loose rugs, throw blankets, pillows etc. and store in a safe place.  


It is recommended that the area that is to be painted is dusted, swept and vacuumed prior to the painter’s arrival. 
When you are having your bathroom painted, we ask that you please ensure the toilet and floor surrounding the toilet is freshly cleaned.  

Furry Family Members

Our crew is full of animal lovers!  Please feel free to introduce us to your furry friends! 

What kind of prep work is included?

Before we even open the paint cans, we spend as much time as needed prepping.  This includes but is not limited to:
  • removing all faceplates and light switch covers
  • removing all nails, screws & hooks
  • covering all furniture with plastic coverings
  • covering floors with tarps/drop cloths 
  • sanding all walls 
  • filling all holes, cracks & imperfections 
  • repairing any larger areas that need extra attention
  • repairing & sanding any trim that is to be painted 
  • more sanding!!


Please email Ally to find out more.